Get your total compensation right: Introducing Carta + Sequoia’s total comp solution

September 27, 2023
The Carta Team

Creating an effective compensation plan can feel like a juggling act. It’s not just keeping up with ever-changing market rates and managing burn—it’s about ensuring fairness and staying competitive. 

When your compensation strategy is not on point, you could lose valuable team members and have trouble attracting the people you need to grow your business. 

That’s why Carta is excited to partner with Sequoia Group, a leading tech-enabled compensation advisory company for VC-backed companies, to help joint customers create and implement an effective compensation strategy. By combining Carta Total Compensation (CTC) private market salary and equity data with Sequoia’s expertise and technology, joint customers can build a holistic pay program for a modern workforce that aligns with business objectives and scales with growth. 

“Compensating your employees fairly while managing burn responsibly is crucial, and next to impossible without the right data and expertise,” said Josh Steinfeld, Carta’s principal product strategist. “By partnering with Sequoia, our customers have access to the data and expertise they need to create a compensation strategy that controls costs and maximizes retention.”

“Establishing a thoughtful total rewards strategy is the key to gaining a true people advantage,” said Kyle Holm, Sequoia’s vice president of compensation advisory. “With this packaged solution, our team has the ability to provide strategic insights and bring the data to life, so we can help VC-backed companies, across any stage or economic conditions.”

What to expect: 

Seamless data flow

With our new partnership, joint Carta and Sequoia customers can now view their equity information and CTC benchmarking data within the Sequoia People Platform. No need to toggle back and forth between software providers when you need to strategize a compensation plan. Now all the equity and benchmarking data is readily available.

Sequoia partnership screenshot

End-to-end tech-enabled service

Joint customers receive hands-on guidance from Sequoia’s Compensation Advisors. Together, you’ll have the resources you need to create a clear compensation strategy that meets your business’s unique needs and a trusted partner to operationalize your compensation philosophy through Sequoia's tech-enabled services platform.

One source of truth

Now Sequoia’s Compensation Advisors can leverage Carta's comprehensive and real-time private company data to help VC-backed companies craft a compensation strategy that positions your business for success, regardless of the economic landscape.

Flexible services for every company stage

Whether you're a new startup looking to make your first few hires, or a booming enterprise that wants to create a competitive total rewards package, you can get the expert guidance you need to create a compensation program that attracts, motivates, and retains key talent. Sequoia can help you define your total rewards philosophy and help you put CTC data into action to create job architectures, compensation guidelines, and an executive compensation strategy.

Whether you need help with equity education and tax advisory, tender offers, or risk management, Carta and Sequoia are committed to helping your company grow.  


Build a world-class team without breaking the bank

Get your compensation strategy right. Attract top talent, maximize retention, and minimize burn with the integrated solution from Carta Total Compensation and Sequoia Group.

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