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This year we redesigned Carta for the fourth time, and we’re excited to show you around! Here are a few of the biggest changes we want to share.

Improving the navigation

The first change you’ll notice in Carta 4 is the navigation. The old navigation was vertically arranged on the left.
What's new in Carta 4 1
Carta 3 Navigation

The Carta 4 navigation is horizontally arranged on the top. This creates more page space to display account information.
What's new in Carta 4 2
Carta 4 Navigation

Surfacing profile information

The second navigation change in Carta 4 is to profile information. This used to be located in the upper-right corner of your screen.
What's new in Carta 4 3
Carta 3 Profile Information

Profile information is now in the left sidebar. You can also visit our Help center, see Product Updates, and log out from the sidebar.
What's new in Carta 4 4
Carta 4 Profile Information

Simplified securities ledgers

We’ve simplified the securities ledgers with a lighter look and cleaner aesthetic. This allows us to display information more intuitively on the page.

What's new in Carta 4 5
Carta 3 Securities Ledgers

What's new in Carta 4 6
Carta 4 Securities Ledgers

Refined drafts page

We’ve also cleaned up the Drafts page with a lighter look that makes it easier to draft securities in bulk.

What's new in Carta 4 7
Carta 3 Drafts Page

What's new in Carta 4 8
Carta 4 Drafts Page

Account Switcher

The Account Switcher lets you quickly search for the account you’re working on. It also surfaces recently viewed accounts to save time.

Carta Pro tip: Hit “S” on your keyboard to open the Account Switcher.

What's new in Carta 4 9 Carta 4 Universal Search

Revamping Setup Guide

In the new Setup Guide only relevant tasks are highlighted green; all others are grayed out until you’ve reached them in the onboarding flow. This makes it easier to see which tasks need to be completed.

What's new in Carta 4 10 Carta 4 Setup Guide

Sorting Account Check errors

Account Check errors used to be sorted by categories (e.g. Company, Documents, Securites, etc.). They are now sorted from highest to lowest priority so you can easily identify the most urgent errors in your cap table.

What's new in Carta 4 11 Carta 3 Account Check

We’ve also re-written all of the errors to be action-oriented rather than error-oriented (e.g. “Edit liquidation preferences” instead of “Liquidation preferences needed for 2 share classes”).

What's new in Carta 4 12 Carta 4 Account Check

New Cap Table Importer

The new Cap Table Importer is simpler and places more focus on downloading the onboarding spreadsheet. We removed the ability to customize the onboarding spreadsheet because it was causing confusion.

What's new in Carta 4 13 Carta 3 Cap Table Importer

What's new in Carta 4 14 Carta 4 Cap Table Importer

Product updates in Carta

One new feature we’ve introduced is our Product Updates page. Now there is a direct feed letting you know which feature we’ve released. You can access the Product Updates page by hovering over the left sidebar.

What's new in Carta 4 15 Carta 4 Product Updates Page

As always, thank you for using Carta and let us know if you have questions!


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