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Carta Total Comp provides you with the world’s largest equity data set and powerful HR integrations to help you make better compensation decisions faster.

Why Carta Total Comp?

Cap table and compensation management on one platform


Know that you’re making the most informed offer with the world’s largest data set.


Make sure you are compensating fairly with an automated leveling system.


Craft your compensation strategy to meet the needs of a changing workforce.

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Powerful planning

Make better decisions faster

Streamline your compensation and surface new insights. With Carta Total Comp, the industry’s best compensation data is in one place so you can easily benchmark new candidates and calibrate your team to a compensation philosophy that reflects your goals and values.

Your competitive advantage

Fair and competitive compensation

When you use Carta Total Comp, you’ll have consistency and transparency across your org. Go to market with offers that help you land the best talent and inspire trust and retention among your employees.

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Better benchmarking

Better Benchmarking

Data you can trust

Compensation is personal. Unlike other tools that rely on surveys and take averages, Carta Total Comp takes a scientific approach to compensation bands using rigorous analysis and a broad set of peer data. All compensation data collected through Carta is anonymized and aggregated.

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Compensation management, simplified

Building fair and competitive compensation is tough. Read more from our team about how we created Carta Total Comp as a solution.

Carta Total Comp: Compensation management software
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