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Compensation management software

Take the guesswork out of salary and equity compensation

Build your compensation strategy using the best set of private company salary & equity data to ensure you are compensating your team fairly and competitively.

Why Carta Total Comp?

See how easy it is to start benchmarking


Harness the power of the most informed compensation recommendations for every role, level, and region.


Keep your compensation fair and consistent with an automated and flexible job leveling system.


Create a compensation strategy that works for your whole team—wherever they are.


Retain your top talent with total rewards statements.

Powering the best places to work

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Carta Total Comp | Compensation Management Software 3
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Better Benchmarking

The world’s first compensation recommendation engine

Make offers using our compensation recommendations. Unlike other tools that rely on surveys and averages, Carta Total Comp takes a scientific approach to compensation bands using rigorous analysis and a broad set of peer data.

Compensate with confidence

Fair and competitive

Create consistency and transparency across your org. Craft offers that help you land the best talent, inspire trust, and encourage retention among your employees.

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Powerful planning

Craft and implement your philosophy

Make better decisions about employee compensation. It doesn’t matter if you are planning to go back to the office, building a fully remote organization or considering a mixture of both. Build a plan that reflects your company’s goals and values using the industry’s most robust data set.


Retain current employees

Keep attrition costs down by sharing the total value of your employees compensation package, in a simple and easily-digestible format.

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More about Carta Total Comp

Compensation management, simplified

Building fair and competitive compensation is tough. Read more from our team about how we created Carta Total Comp as a solution.

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