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The modern way to manage equity​

Carta helps companies make the transition from private to public, from maintaining your cap table and running quarterly 409A valuations to supporting your stock splits and managing your equity plan.

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Why Carta?

Custom public equity administration

Source of truth

With all equity transactions managed on Carta, we manage your source of truth, from private cap tables to public equity administration.

Flexible expertise

Carta offers Brokerage services to equity plans, but can support external service partners if desired.

Preferred by shareholders

Employees and investors can easily access and manage their portfolio. We also invest in equity education for your shareholders.


We’re changing how equity is managed

Carta began serving public companies in 2017 and serves both fast-growing companies going through the IPO process and public companies transitioning from their current equity management solution to Carta. Managing equity can be time consuming, complicated, and expensive. At Carta, we simplify the process.

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Modern equity management

Manage all equity transactions automatically with Carta, including stock splits. Model your IPO with our scenario modeling tool.

ESPP Administration

Intuitive ESPP experience

Carta can administer your company’s Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP). We support basic and complex ESPP construction with multiple and overlapping offerings. When you run your ESPP on Carta, it only takes a few minutes for shareholders to log in, enroll in equity plans, and transact.

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Equity plan management

Built-in compliance

We manage blackout periods for employees and officers, Correctly code employees, and help with Rule 144 compliance. We also keep your executives in safe harbor with the SEC with automated 10b5-1 plans.

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