Seamlessly transition from private to public

Carta’s public markets solutions and team help make the transition into the public market smoother and more efficient for you and your stakeholders.

Icons Hero | Public Companies | "Stay in control"

Stay in control

Create an employee equity plan that suits the needs of your company, and manage liquidity with early lockup releases and blackout periods.

Icons Hero | Public Companies | "Start trading day one"

Start trading day one

Function as a public company as early as day one post-IPO, with a seamless equity data transition to Carta’s public market solution.

Icons Hero | Public Companies | "Get proactive support"

Get proactive support

Receive dedicated service pre- and post-transition. Carta’s public equity experts perform quality assurance checks that ensure a quick, accurate settlement process.


Transfer pertinent cap table information to your chosen Transfer Agent using Carta’s mass issuance report to reflect public share ownership following an IPO.


Carta supports customizable Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) programs with multiple and overlapping offerings.


Carta provides tools to manage blackout periods, trade limits, and pre-clearance permissions for employees and officers to keep your trading program compliant. We also keep your executives in safe harbor with automated 10b5-1 plans.

Unlock equity’s potential with Carta