Carta partners with Assemble to simplify startup compensation planning

Carta partners with Assemble to simplify startup compensation planning

Author: The Carta Team
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Published date:  September 19, 2023
Updated date:  May 29, 2024
A new integration allows Carta Total Compensation customers to view Carta data within the Assemble platform.

Assemble users can now view Carta Total Compensation benchmarking data and cap table information within the Assemble platform, making it easier to build a startup compensation strategy

In the past, Assemble customers had to log in to Carta separately to access Total Comp or their company’s cap table. With the new integration, you can view equity compensation data immediately after uploading your cap table into Assemble, allowing you to create a compensation strategy without toggling between the two platforms. 

Here’s what it will look like in Assemble:

Assemble partnership
See your employees’ entire compensation packages on Assemble—including equity grants and vesting schedules from your cap table on Carta.

“Combining Carta Total Compensation—which features the industry’s leading real-time dataset for both cash and equity—with Assemble’s powerful workflows for scaled compensation planning cycles makes total sense,” said Reed McBride, Carta’s head of business development. “We’re thrilled to welcome Assemble into the Carta Developer Platform to deliver a seamless integration that allows our shared customers to unlock the power of their equity data.”

The cutting edge of global compensation data

Having access to the most accurate and relevant compensation data helps protect your startup from common compensation planning pitfalls, like asking your board for too much (or too little) equity, or underestimating your budget for headcount. 

Carta’s compensation data can also help your company navigate changing pay transparency laws across the country, making it easier to determine salary and equity with a comprehensive compensation philosophy. 

“Organizations are becoming more geographically-distributed, pay transparency regulations continue to grow, and a complicated macroeconomic environment demands agility and precision,” said Josh Steinfield, chief product strategist for Carta Total Compensation. “Our partnership with Assemble enables leaders to work efficiently.”

Compensation planning made easier

With Carta Total Comp benchmarks integrated in Assemble, your HR leader can work efficiently to design a compensation program that is competitive, fair, and consistent. 

“Carta’s Total Compensation platform is the leading source of private benchmarking data globally,” said Assemble co-founder and co-CEO Lisa Wallace. “The platform combines proprietary benchmarking with beautiful and intuitive communications tooling for employees.”

Offering your employees greater transparency into how their salary and equity are determined can help with retention and productivity.

"Before we rolled out Assemble & Carta Total Comp, 67% of the company didn't believe they were paid fairly,” said Elizabeth McConnaughey, head of people and talent at Wisp. “Fast forward to today, it's practically switched. Seventy-five percent of our organization now believes compensation at Wisp is both fair and equitable.”

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