How to create a job leveling framework (free leveling guide)

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Job leveling—creating a framework to fairly value and compensate your employees—is an often-overlooked part of building a team. And the sooner you have a leveling framework, the easier your compensation management becomes. Fitting a new employee into an existing framework is simple and understandable to all; retroactively slotting employees into newly created levels can be complicated and uncomfortable.

When we created Carta Total Comp, we spoke with founders of companies across the country, and learned that most of them start trying to build their leveling frameworks from scratch. That can hurt. Leveling frameworks are complicated to create and even more complicated to put into action. 

But most companies aren’t looking to reinvent the wheel; they’re simply looking for a framework that creates a fair and transparent system for employees and allows them to be competitive in their industry. 

We’re sharing our job leveling guide for startups to help you create levels for your company. We built a universal set of job expectations that remain consistent across departments to ensure fairness, create a shared understanding of each role’s value, and help you grow. 

Download it now to find the template that best matches your needs, and adjust it to meet your company’s needs.

Download the free job leveling guide

When you’re ready to set pay bands for your levels, Carta Total Comp can provide this data for you with benchmarking across the industry to ensure you’re making the most informed offer with the world’s most robust data set.

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