Capdesk product news – November 2022

Capdesk product news – November 2022

Author: Scarlett Pierce
Read time:  2 minutes
Published date:  November 23, 2022
In this installment of Capdesk product news, we’re excited to announce three improvements to the platform, all designed to engage and motivate employees.

The latest product news from Capdesk – November 2022.

Welcome to Capdesk product news. In this instalment, we’re excited to share three upcoming releases, all tied together by a single theme: employee engagement.

Earlier this year, we launched the employee dashboard to bring equity to life with clear data visualisation and an enhanced user experience. Users reported having a better view of their grants, and being able to track progress more easily.

Now, we’re announcing three further improvements to the Capdesk platform, all designed to engage and motivate your employees:

  1. The equity calculator

  2. Employee equity emails

  3. A smooth mobile experience

Read on for more information about each release, including how to get early access and share your feedback.

The equity calculator

Communicating the real-world value of equity to your employees can be difficult. Not only do you want to manage expectations, you need to factor in the different grants and timelines of each individual.

Soon, your employees will be able to calculate future scenarios and possible payouts for their equity holdings from their Capdesk dashboard. Employees can enter a custom share price to see how it affects the estimated return on their grants, and reset to the current share value when they’re done.

Boost engagement and motivation around employee equity. The equity calculator shows your employees what they stand to gain by helping grow your company.

Employee equity emails

Take the pressure off your internal teams and let Capdesk handle employee equity updates.

We’ll send tailored updates that cover vesting progress, changes in grant value and equity milestones, as well as a monthly activity summary. As a result, your employees are better informed, and more likely to log in to Capdesk and discover the full value of the platform.

A smooth mobile experience

We’re rolling out a series of improvements to Capdesk’s mobile UX, so employees can log in to their account, navigate their dashboard and complete actions in their account more easily. The look and feel on mobile will be closer to the desktop experience, too.

Updates are being released gradually over the coming months, so you’ll see small improvements instead of one big refresh.

Scarlett Pierce is Carta’s Product Marketing Manager for the UK and Europe. She joined the team in late 2022 when Carta acquired European equity management startup Capdesk. Prior to Capdesk, Scarlett worked as a digital marketer for brands as diverse as the UK Government, Amazon Alexa and Louis Vuitton.