USA 101: Our Delaware SPV

April 27, 2022
Gabriel Shin

Who is the US SPV best suited for? Why a Delaware corporation

While the LP and target company can be anywhere in the world, it is best suited for US investors or SPVs with a US investor majority.

Who can invest in the US SPV?

Everyone! US investors must be accredited investors by SEC standards, and non-US investors must be permitted to invest in alternatives by their own country.

What is the cost?

$8,000 for setup and lifetime admin. No upfront costs are involved, this fee is only payable upon the deal’s completion. Should the deal fall through, you are not liable for any costs. 

How quickly can it be set up?

48 hours.

Is there a limit on how many investors an SPV can have?

Up to 250 investors can invest in the US SPV. There are no restrictions regarding the minimum number of US investors involved.

How do I invite investors to the platform?

Our digital Dashboard allows SPV Leads to batch-invite your co-investors to the platform. Track progress of where they are in the process, and send gentle reminders to them about completing their application or capital call payments.‍ Vauban SPVs can be domiciled in the UK, Delaware, the British Virgin Islands and Luxembourg.