Unlock liquidity with market-driven pricing

Run private stock auctions via Carta Liquidity* to facilitate price discovery while maintaining control.

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Access liquidity

Unlike other secondary liquidity programs, auctions can be completed in fewer than 20 business days.

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Stay in control

Determine who participates in transactions, and maintain control of who moves on or off your cap table.

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Seek market-driven pricing

Set a price range for your company’s stock and let the auction process do the rest. Carta Liquidity helps you discover the volume-maximizing price.


Cap table integration speeds up setup and transfers, while reducing potential errors. Carta Liquidity also handles all cash custody and movement throughout the transaction.


Carta’s tax engine takes inputs from HRIS providers to automatically calculate tax withholding estimates for option exercises and compensatory sales.


Use standardized documents and templates that conform to Section 4(a)(7) requirements to alleviate administrative burdens on your teams.

Run an auction via Carta Liquidity

*Brokerage accounts and other brokerage services are offered through Carta Capital Markets, LLC (CCMX), a member of FINRA/SIPC. Please refer to important disclosures found here.