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Category: Founder resource center

c-corp vs. llc

How to convert your company from an LLC to a C-corp

If you’re thinking of converting from an LLC to a c-corp, learn more about the differences, what to think about before converting, and what the process looks like.

raise a round

How to raise a round

Fundraising is notoriously difficult, particularly for first-time founders. We break down the basics around how to raise a round.

equity education

How do I teach my employees about equity?

Carta makes it easy for employees to understand equity compensation. Get resources that explain equity for your equity education program.

what is equity management

What is equity management?

Equity management is the process of creating and managing owners in your company. Learn more about what it involves and how Carta can help.

% of # of convertible securities that are non-debt convertible securities by funding stage

The rise of non-debt convertible securities

We looked at our data to see how non-debt convertible securities like SAFEs and KISSs have performed in the market. Here are our findings.

remote pitching

7 tips for pitching VCs remotely

We talked to founders and VCs who have experience pitching—and taking pitches—from afar to get their expert tips on nailing remote pitches.

fundraising during COVID-19

How to fundraise in the time of COVID-19

Here’s what to anticipate when it comes to online fundraising so you can adapt quickly and keep your business growing.

financial audit

How to prepare your company for a financial audit

All companies are subject to financial audits. Learn what the process looks like, what auditors look for, and how to best prepare.

SAFE and convertible note calculator

Introducing Carta’s SAFE and convertible note calculator

If you’re fundraising, check out our free SAFE and convertible note calculator to understand the potential future impact before they convert in a priced round.