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Category: Founder resource center

financial audit

How to prepare your company for a financial audit

All companies are subject to financial audits. Learn what the process looks like, what auditors look for, and how to best prepare.

SAFE and convertible note calculator

Introducing Carta’s SAFE and convertible note calculator

If you’re fundraising, check out our free SAFE and convertible note calculator to understand the potential future impact before they convert in a priced round.

How Carta does board consents

At Carta, we first built a cap table management product to streamline equity management and to make archaic paper stock certificates obsolete. We are now …

The guide to advisor shares

Advisors can offer valuable advice when your company is in a formative place. Most startups (especially pre-seed, idea-stage ones) don’t have the cash on hand …

LLCs: What to know about profits interests and valuations

What are profits interests? Limited Liability Companies (“LLCs”) can issue capital interest units and profits interest units.  Capital interests are commonly issued by C-Corporations, such …

How COVID-19 is changing the remote landscape: A Q&A with GitLab’s head of remote

When most of the United States went under lockdown to slow the spread of COVID-19, companies had to scramble to help their employees work from …

Switching from options to RSUs

A guide (and calculator) to help founders and CFOs know what to consider when switching from options to RSUs.

business survival in a crisis

How your business can survive—and thrive—in a financial crisis

Sean Byrnes shares strategies that helped his businesses survive and thrive amidst two major financial crises.

How to extend your cash runway in a downturn (free burn rate calculator)

While every company operates differently, here are some things to think about when managing cash in a downturn.