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Category: Founder resource center

future of liquidity||

Video: Panel discussion from The Future of Liquidity 2020

At our second Future of Liquidity event, we discussed recent trends in liquidity and their potential impact on private companies and venture portfolios.

Watch out for these fundraising terms

In the world of fundraising, it’s not uncommon for investors and VC firms to craft term sheets that benefit themselves. For founders, knowing whether you’ve received a “clean” term sheet can be confusing.

Should I share my cap table with my investors?

Why it’s smart to share your cap table with your investors

As your company grows, you will inevitably be faced with a big question: Should you share your cap table with your investors? And if so, how much should you share?

How the best companies work with their boards (free board deck template)

Learn how to run an effective board meeting and download our free board meeting deck template.

Why women get less funding: Exploring the gender gap in venture capital investing

Take-home pay is only part of the story. Women also face a huge gender gap in both startup funding and equity.

Equity 101: Equity basics for founders

Learn the basics of equity, how to distribute equity to early employees, and what a cap table is.

What you need to know about equity rights and liquidation preferences

When a private company exits, who gets paid what (and when) is primarily dictated by the following liquidation rights and preferences.

How a Y Combinator founder maintained a cap table that was 50 percent women

A conversation with Mutiny co-founder and CEO, Jaleh Rezaei about fundraising and how she got to a cap table that’s 50% women investors.

liquidity myths||||

Liquidity myths

There are a lot of misconceptions causing companies to hold back from embracing liquidity. Here, we dispel the most common liquidity myths.